Turkey Elaia

Elaia, the harbour city for ancient Pergamon (western Turkey), was investigated using geoarchaeological methods. The rise and fall of Elaia were closely linked to the flourishing period of Pergamon, which ruled wide parts of today's western Turkey in Hellenistic times. In the framework of this research, the palynological analysis of a 9 m sediment core, Ela-70, retrieved from the enclosed harbour of the city, was carried out to reconstruct the vegetation and environmental history of the wider Gulf of Elaia region


Shumilovskikh L.S., Seeliger M., Feuser S., Novenko E., Schlütz F., Pint A., Pirson F., Brückner H. (2016) The harbour of Elaia: A palynological archive for human environmental interactions during the last 7500 years. Quaternary Science Reviews 149, 167-187.