East European forest-steppe

The East European forest-steppe zone represents a transition between woodlands and grasslands in semi-arid regions. It crosses Europe and cover vast areas from Carpathians to Urals. Today this large region is highly exploited by humans and present agricultural landscapes. It is still open question, how the landscapes were looking in the past. In order to study the forest-steppe dynamics and human role in it, archaeologicalsite Kurilovka (Kursk region, Sudzhariver) was studied palynologically. Archaeological data reveal that Kurilovka was settled in the Neolithic and the Bronze Age with a significant increase in settlement activity started in 3rd-8th centuries AD by Kievskaya, Kolochinskaya and Sokhnovskaya cultures. Mongol invasions caused abandonment of the site, which was settled again in 17th century AD. Archaeological data will be compared to pollen data of the off-site core.


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Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft: project SH 836/4-1